Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wordless Wednesday!!!


Hi readers nor STALKER.. I dont know whether the term of "Wordless Wednesday" is acceptable or not..But,who cares... as long as im happy and free to use it..weeeeeee~ 

No one can express your potential but you! Your vision, your drive, your confidence work in concert with your spirit to express the crescendo of your abilities in harmonious orchestration by living a life worthy of all your talents. You are the conductor holding the baton of purpose and directing your life.

Lets freedom lead the world!!!

Freedom is when we have the courage to speak out what we know is true, do what we feel is right, and fight for what we think is unfair. One shouldn't really fight for freedom; rather, they should try to achieve it.

Norafiza Syakilla
<3 NS

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